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Safety & Security

ALTOlink can prevent your car from being started by unauthorized people, and can quickly locate your vehicle if it is towed or stolen. It also provides life-saving collision-avoidance technology, and serves as a lifeline to emergency services providers in the event of an accident.

  • Save lives, reduces accidents: There are on average 40,000 U.S. traffic deaths in the U.S. every year (DoT, NHTSA). By reducing both the number and seriousness of accidents ALTOlink provides unmatched safety for you and your passengers.
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V): ALTOlink alerts drivers to approaching traffic, and cars located in blind spots. These are very valuable at on/ off-ramps and intersections, where more than half of all U.S. accident deaths occur
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I): ALTOlink warns drivers of unsafe conditions ahead, like ice, flooded roadways, or roads in need of repair.
  • Accident Notification: ALTOlink contacts 911 personnel in the event of accident to ensure fastest possible response. Where permitted by law, it can even provide emergency personnel with life-saving medical information such as your health history, blood type, allergies, etc.
  • Geo-Fencing: ALTOlink warns the owner if car is driven into a high-risk or off-limits area. Or, when used in Court-ordered situations, it can notify law enforcement officials if an individual’s vehicle approaches geographical boundaries subject to a restraining order, no-contact order, or other restrictions on his/ her physical whereabouts.