ALTOlink geofence

Property Protection

ALTOlink can help you avoid collisions, and mitigate the legal and insurance problems that arise if one occurs. It helps law enforcement and insurance providers establish responsibility for accidents, and protect ALTOlink users – and their driving records – if their vehicle is involved in a collision due to the negligence of other drivers.

  • Save money, property: Car accidents cost Americans $300B/year (AAA) and the average price for a new car in America is more than $30,000(Forbes). ALTOlink helps drivers avoid accidents, by alerting them potential driving threats before they occur.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery System (SVRS): Car theft costs Americans $4.5 billion per year (Federal Bureau of Investigation); a vehicle is stolen every 43 seconds, and only 56% are recovered. ALTOlink helps locate stolen vehicles as quickly as possible, both reducing damages and insurance payouts.
  • Event Data Recording (EVR): ALTOlink helps to establish fault in accidents, by documenting vehicle speed, direction, etc. Thus it can serve as your “witness” to prove your innocence in the event of a collision.
  • Voice Authentication/Driver ID: Alerts of unauthorized use of specific vehicles (e.g. prevent teens from a driving car authorized only for parent). Allows owner to lock-out unauthorized drivers; also documents who was driving a particular vehicle, when, and where.